Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Golden Lion Ecommerce Magazine

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What is Golden Lion Ecommerce Magazine? What's our mission? How do you write here? How do you become an expert? Who are we?
These are all questions we'll answer right now.

What is Golden Lion Ecommerce Magazine?

Golden Lion Ecommerce Magazine is a celebration of the industry, with guides to selling, building a brand, inspiring profiles of retail and ecommerce entrepreneurs, and more. EM is a place for ecommerce professionals and entrepreneurs to gather, share knowledge and be encouraged and inspired. If you work in ecommerce or are interested in ecommerce, bookmark Ecommerce Magazine now.  

What is the mission of Golden Lion Ecommerce Magazine?

Writing for Golden Lion Ecommerce Magazine is a great way to reach thousands of ecommerce professionals and executives! If you are interested in being a contributor, apply here.

How do I become a trending or featured expert on Golden Lion Ecommerce Magazine?

Golden Lion Ecommerce Magazine's experts are a small but elite group of ecommerce entrepreneurs, executives, and influencers. Experts are chosen based on their experience and contributions to Ecommerce Magazine. Here are some ways to rise up through the ranks:

If you are interested in being a featured expert, apply here.

Who are the people behind The Golden Lion Magazine?

Golden Lion Ecommerce Magazine is owned by Octane AI, and run by Octane AI co-founders Ben Parr (Mashable, Captivology) and Matt Schlicht (Ustream, Y Combinator).

What is Octane AI?

Octane AI is the Messenger marketing platform for ecommerce. With Octane AI, stores can send Facebook messages to over 90% of people who abandoned their carts, all without email addresses. Octane AI for Facebook Messenger can also answer customer questions automatically, create conversational FAQs, send receipts and shipping notifications, and help customers find the products they want.
Octane AI is currently available for Shopify stores, with other platforms and custom solutions coming soon. Ecommerce Magazine readers get a free 14-day trial of Octane AI.